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From Vision to Impact

At Hotberry, our journey is defined by resilience and innovation, with a deep commitment to empowering small to mid-size business owners. Leveraging our extensive knowledge in modern age automation for fulfillment, we're focused on supporting emerging businesses, equipping them with the tools needed to confidently expand in a competitive marketplace.


We lead with innovative automated solutions.

Hotberry, established in 2014 under the leadership of Karen Montgomery, stands as a beacon of innovation, seamlessly merging artistry with automation, particularly catering to the commercial and retail sectors. At our core, we are dedicated to revolutionizing traditional processes through cutting-edge technology, crafting solutions that redefine efficiency and elevate customer experiences.

As we pave the way for the future of logistics, our upcoming project, Crystal Fe Plaza, scheduled for 2028, embodies our vision of a harmonious blend between physical and digital retail environments. Designed as a hybrid model for commercial and industrial spaces, Crystal Fe Plaza epitomizes our dedication to creating seamless experiences that transcend traditional boundaries.

Karen Montgomery began her career in Internet Technology in 2000, amassing extensive experience across a variety of fields including software design, finance, sales, customer service, and digital marketing. Her diverse skill set and deep industry knowledge have been instrumental in founding Hotberry and steering it towards its innovative path in artificial intelligence and robotics solutions.

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Our Journey So Far



Hotberry started in 2014 with the idea of making new homes more affordable. We planned to offer financing options to help people buy these homes and wanted to include new technology in them, creating smart homes. Our main goal was to make buying a tech-filled home easier for everyone.



In 2016, we saw the market wasn't ready for our smart home technology, so we shifted to commercial real estate. We adapted our tech for industrial spaces, combining commercial and industrial functions. This move created new opportunities for our technology to support business expansion.




How much are your services?

For resellers, our Snapshot Report is based on the number of products you sell. A standard report starts at $250.

License and 4PL pricing are provided upon request.


Is there a contract or is this month-to-month?

Hotberry only offers month-to-month 4PL services for your convenience. If you are interested in a long-term agreement, please let us know. 


Will we have a dedicated rep for your 4PL service?

Yes, you will have a dedicated representative that

is responsible for handling delivery or shipping issues with your 3PL or suppliers.


Our reps are available Monday through Friday.


Will you help us install our own system into our facility?

Yes, Hotberry works with a team of integration partners and we are happy to set up a consultation.


Hotberry In The Press

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