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Your Roadmap to Logistical Excellence


Kickstart your exploration with Hotberry's advanced AI technology. Following a detailed virtual consultation and evaluation of your fulfillment operations, we outline strategies to leverage this technology, aiming to significantly improve delivery speed and customer satisfaction. Now, let's delve into the special features of our design that set us apart.


Our AI effortlessly identifies items, label or not, as they move from picking to packing. It uses visual recognition to ensure each product is tracked accurately. Even without labels, our system knows what each item is, keeping orders correct and on track.



Our technology employs AI and algorithms to route items to the right packing area. By analyzing item and order details, it streamlines the packing process. This smart sorting ensures efficiency and order accuracy for faster fulfillment.


Our database architecture is designed to filter and send order details to Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices. This real-time communication allows for quick tracking and sorting of items. It's the backbone of our system, ensuring your products are always recognized and moving efficiently.

Consumer-Centric Inventory Forecasting

Optimizing Stock with Skyber AI


Weekly Forecasts

Our API taps into consumer behaviors, like site visits and cart interactions, to deliver precise weekly inventory forecasts. It operates independently, ensuring seamless integration without needing direct system access.


Demand Alignment

Utilize our API for a laser-focused alignment between your inventory levels and real consumer demand. By analyzing subtle shifts in consumer behavior, it ensures your stock levels adapt swiftly, keeping pace with actual market needs without overcomplicating your processes.


 Secure Integration

Incorporate our API effortlessly, maintaining your data's security by avoiding direct access to sensitive systems. It's crafted to enrich your forecasting capabilities while upholding your data protection standards.


Free Trial

Test the power of Skyber with a 30-day free trial, including four weekly reports. Compare our forecasts with your sales data to see the accuracy and impact of our consumer-centric predictions firsthand.

Proprietary System Features

Step into the next generation of warehouse operations with our innovative logistics solutions.

Tailor-designed to modernize and automate your processes, our key features are set to redefine efficiency.

Let’s discuss how we can customize these solutions to meet your specific automation needs.

Robotic Picking Systems

Automate shelving with AMRs, AGVs, and robotic arms for enhanced efficiency.

Advanced Sortation Systems

Utilize conveyors, AMRs, AGVs, and humanoids for rapid item sortation.

Equipped Workstation Setup

Feature-rich workstations with advanced displays and scanners for optimized processing.

Intelligent Software Suite

AI-powered software for precise item tracking and optimized logistics management.


Discover Hotberry's suite of specialized design licenses tailored for third-party logistics providers looking to enhance their operations with cutting-edge technology. From robotics services to advanced analytics APIs, our licenses equip your facilities with the tools for next-level efficiency and accuracy.

iStock-1299449487 copy 2.jpg


Available exclusively to qualified 3PL providers, our Ecoberry License introduces a robotics-as-a-service model, enhancing operations within your facility's high-demand zones. We deliver and maintain the necessary technology, optimizing the flow of fast-moving products.


The Lemon Tree Logistics License allows your facility to implement Hotberry's proprietary designs while retaining full control over equipment maintenance and operation. It's the perfect blend of self-reliance and innovative logistics technology.


The Skyber License provides sophisticated order prioritization and consumer behavior forecasting APIs, essential for modern, data-driven logistics operations. Integrate our technology to refine your forecasting and keep your logistics agile.


The CherryPic License offers access to advanced object recognition software, crucial for precision in sorting and managing inventory. Elevate your product handling with an API that sets the standard for accuracy and efficiency.

The Snapshot Report

Discover key insights with our Snapshot Report, offering a comprehensive analysis to help you understand what to expect and demand from a top-tier logistics service, guiding your decision in selecting the right logistics partner. Starting at just $250, gain the knowledge to make informed choices.

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