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Feeling Stuck in Logistics Limbo?

Your logistics could be the key to unlocking more sales and happier customers, but they need to be managed correctly. Hotberry's Logistics Advisory Services help identify any issues with your current 3PL, explore modern 3PL options that could enhance your operations, and offer insights and technical advice to help modernize your fulfillment processes. We’re here to turn your logistics headaches into streamlined and reliable operations.


Cut Costs, Boost Speed — Logistics Efficiency

At Hotberry, we’re all about stretching every dollar in your logistics to its max. Our Advisory Services cut through the fluff – we zero in on where your logistics are burning money unnecessarily and get your products moving faster, directly impacting your sales each month.

We look at every detail, like how your products are packaged and what you want to achieve - maybe you want to offer more products or decrease your SKUs. This helps us figure out if we should focus on saving you money on storage or getting your products out faster. 

We provide a clear, concise report that you and your team can easily understand. With Hotberry, you get proactive communication and ready accessibility for any questions or strategic adjustments.

What's the next step? Ordering our Snapshot Report which delivers essential insights on choosing the right 3PL or modernizing your processes with sleek automation tools. 



how we create your report


Virtual Meeting Kickoff

We start with a virtual meet-up to dive deep into your business needs and understand your goals.


Product and Terms Review

Next, we’ll need info about your products and the terms you offer your customers – like shipping options and delivery timelines.


Proposals from 3PLs

Got proposals from 3PL companies? Share them with us! We’ll review them thoroughly to ensure they’re the right fit for you.


Technology Overview

Our team will analyze the technologies and processes you’re considering. We'll identify any potential issues and risks, providing you with recommendations to optimize your operations.


Process Analysis and Recommendations

Wondering which tech can shuffle your products within 30 minutes, despite the crowd? We’ve cracked it! Our report details the exact tech setup you need to speed things up.


Personalized On-Site Support

Prefer a hands-on approach? Along with our Snapshot report, we offer an on-site walkthrough to tailor our services to your specific needs. Get up close with personalized guidance from our team to revamp your logistics.

Ready to revolutionize your logistics? Let’s chat!

The Snapshot Report

Don't hesitate, elevate! Order now and transform your logistics.


Why We Offer the Snapshot Report

Optimizing Your Logistics Is Our Priority

We're all about fueling your growth. Staying on top of trends and the market's pulse, we deliver an independent, no-nonsense review that not only streamlines your operations but also evaluates your current 3PLs or identifies new matches. Think of us as your behind-the-scenes tech allies, ready to enhance your operational game with a custom tech design tailored to your needs.

Let’s walk through the four main components of our service that will make a real difference in your day-to-day operations.


Tech Deep Dive

We dissect your 3PL tech, pinpointing where you can crank up efficiency and cut the fluff. Our report lays it all out, making complex logistics stuff easy to grasp and act on.


Smart Tips

You’ll receive sharp, actionable advice tailored to streamline your operations. Our recommendations cut straight to the chase, helping you make smart decisions that impact your bottom line.


Stock Check

Get a full scan of your inventory systems and setups in the report, ensuring you’ve got the right tech handling your goods. It’s all about keeping your stock flowing smoothly without hiccups.


Review with Pros

Grab a session with our experts to walk through your report. It’s a no-nonsense talk where you ask questions and we clarify, so you can push forward with confidence and speed.

Curious? There's plenty more to explore. Hotberry's ready to elevate your logistics experience. Reach out to see how we can drive your business ahead, together. Contact us today!

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